Educators & Adult Readers

I have been a principal for 9 years and have never heard kids talking about a book during lunch. The day you left all of the kids were talking about your visit. I can't wait to read the book. Come again.

~ Principal, K-12

"The Kid Who Beat Wall Street and Saved Africa" is a wonderful book for adults and 6-8th graders alike to read. The story will take the reader across many academic disciplines, to numerous countries, and into many cultures and viewpoints. This book was taught to a group of 7th and 8th graders at my inner-city public school and many of the students, who do not normally literally rush home to read a book after a full day of school or choose to sit in a quiet spot at lunch to keep reading, chose to do just that and read ahead of their assigned reading because they loved the book so much. This book has turned self-proclaimed "non-readers" into bookworms! Plus, "The Kid Who Beat Wall Street and Saved Africa" is both a novel and a type of textbook (complete with a glossary, vocabulary words, and even a word search!) thus, making this book even more fun and multifaceted for readers of all ages.

~ Syracuse Educator

Kirkus Review

A debut middle-grade novel about a boy, a blog and a mission. Marco is an excellent role model for kids, and this book shows that one person can indeed make a difference in the lives of others. Marco is pretty rad for a middle schooler. An earnest and sometimes inspiring story of an extraordinary middle schooler.

Phenomenal Read!

The book is enchanting. It is a must for kids and their parents.

A must read...

"This is a great story to read and even better now that it is in a complete edition. This book is full of adventure, fun, and compassion that keeps you turning the pages. Great not just for adolescents but also adults as well."

What a fun way to learn about Wall Street!

This book not only well written for 7th graders, it is great for even College level or new investors to read! Home schoolers, this is a must for your library! What a great book!

Engaging read with many positive life lessons!

This is a fun and engaging book with many positive life lessons featuring energetic and inspiring children from around the world working together. The main character, Marco, is 12 years old!

Get your kid involved…

If you want to get your children involved in the world and what is happening in developing countries, as well as in our country, this is an excellent introduction. The book shows the power of one person, a child, to help others. Could be an inspiration for your child.

Teaching the Young

This book is a blockbuster for 12-year olds and older. It teaches them how to invest as well as manage money and use the internet to help less fortunate people in the world. Heller also has an intriguing storyline and dialogue that creates a page turner. I am going to get my grandson a copy.

An Interesting Twist on Wall Street as Exploited by a Kid

Quite a story about a journey filled with action, adventure and insights into the mind of a determined 12 year old. Just shows what is possible when you put your mind to something. Marco has the will and finds an interesting way. It's encouraging that he gives his capital gains to help others.


A charming story about a boy and his adventures, making money, helping others and having a good time. Not a bad combination of things. Young readers will learn a bit about the stock market in an amusing and interesting manner.

What a good time we all had!

We bought this for ourselves and our grandchildren. We also bought Volume 2. What an absolute pleasure to have something in which all of us could be involved and TALK about together? Thank you so much Ginger Heller!

Exciting read!

This is a clever, and, at the same time, serious book, which is also great fun to read. My grandchildren loved it!

Great book for conversations with kids

Ginger Heller has put her heart into this story to engage kids and adults together - a timely story. Look for her interview on the Huffington Post!

Clever story!

I love the characters and the fast-moving plot. The action kept me and my children turning the pages as fast as we could to see what happens next.

Great way to excite kids about the real world!

Bought this for a friend's children - in their words: "Ryan is really into it! He feels like he's reading a grown up book!"

Superb book for junior high level readers

My grandchildren loved it. Easy to identify with the characters. Exposes kids to a world of other children. Inspires them to do good things. Also exposes them in a fun way to financial thinking.

Young Adult Readers

I loved this book sooo much for several reasons. I loved the basic story of the book. It made me know that this isn’t a perfect world, but we can make it better.

~ Caitlin R., age 12

"The book connects to the events all around the world and shows them to us." I liked everything about this book but the best part was about tradeing stocks and the ways that it worked. I didn’t have any difficulties with this book. I thought that It was really good! I am actually being really sincere, this is a great book for readers!

~ Alexander, age 11 1/2

The idea of the website is awesome! This was a great book! My favorite part was the Africa part and Hakim’s life.

~ Riley E., age 11

I enjoyed "The Kid Who beat wall Street" when Hakim tried to save the 2 little babies with measles. I enjoyed this because it was sad how the little children were dieing right there in the middle of the road.

~ Daniel P., age 12

So far I’m enjoying that The Kid… has so much information the best part is your reading a book that’s great while your learning. For example there’s some humer in the "pits" when one person stabs a person with a pencil in the arm by accident and the person who stabbed him gets punched in the nose by the man who was stabbed, but, at the same time your learning real actual facts about trading in the "pits."

~ Ryan A., age 11 1/2

I’m not liking hearing about the kids in Africa who are getting Killed. It makes me smile to hearing that Marco and his friends are helping out I liked the part where marco was talking to a man about how he wanted to get the Xray machine to hakim and then hakim could barter it. This book is so exciting and interesting.

~ Ryan H., age 12

In The Kid…, I am enjoying how the world problems are mentioned. It will give people a clue how lucky they are. Also it goes back and forwards form different countries. This book tells you that Hakim has one pair of shoes that are falling apart. I have more than 15 pairs of shoes and never knew that I am that lucky. Here if we had measles we would immediately be driven to the doctors.

~ Claire C., age 13

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