Piper - United States

The girl next door's name is Piper, next door to Marco that is. They both reside in Illinois which is right smack in the middle of the United States, when considering east to west in the lower forty eight. Piper has had a crush on Marco as long as she can remember, but sometimes she thinks he doesn't even know that she exists. She right; he has not a clue.

Piper spends hours in front of the mirror practicing flipping her long hair in just the right way, at just the right angle. She huddles with her girl friends mulling over the situation and deliberating about various possible strategies. The girls are not in the least bit upset by her lack of progress. All her friends are convinced, and they tell her; "it's just a matter of time."

Piper: In Her Own Words

"I'm not sure. Cindy thinks Marco likes me because he gave me that picture of the Commodity Exchange. I can't figure out why he did that? Sometimes he's strange and sometimes, he's absolutely rude. There was the time that he called me on the phone, and when I answered, 'hello,' he started right away telling me what he needs to camouflage a truck in Africa. I know it was important and people could die if the supplies didn't get through; but he never even said, 'hello,' back to me or anything.

"Hmm, Marco can be nice sometimes. He always manages to help me when I ask him. Like the time Sefania's friend, Alfred, was thrown in prison. Marco was quite brilliant in figuring out how to get him out of jail, even without a "free pass." He is a good thinker; none better in fact.

"Strange how he always wears that faded red shirt. Actually he looks kind of cute in it. Did I tell you I kissed him once? I was on the steps to his house at the front door to give him a magazine which mentioned children helping African children to have clean water, emergency food, and medicine (that was us). And I told him how wonderful he was rescuing that village. Then, yeah, I leaned forward and kissed him right on the cheek.

His ears got sooo red. It was great fun. But I'm not really sure if he likes me. Hmm?"

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