The Kid Who Beat Wall Street...and Saved Africa, is a story that takes place on six
different continents where our hero, Marco,
invests in a gold mine stock, corners the
market in corn, and makes over $500,000...
that’s right, over half a million dollars.

By the way, he’s only 12 years old and his
parents don’t know.

However, it is also a story of children in war
torn Africa, of marauding gangs of thugs,
burning and pillaging. It’s a story of disease,
of the lack of food, clean water, and
medicine. A daring way is devised to come to the rescue of these children.

The Kid Who Beat Wall Street...and Saved
, is a story of courage and adventure.


"Follow this tale of adventure, courage, and compassion and discover the difference one caring kid can make in the world. It's a story that should be turned into a movie. I just loved it!" Read more reviews...


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